The Bridge of Sounds - Workshop Essen

About us

The Bridge of Sounds was founded by the Viennese Sepp Gregor (1903-1987) in Essen, Germany, in 1949. The primary aim was, and still is, to encourage the learning, understanding and singing of songs in all European languages. Sepp Gregor wanted to create understanding between neighbours, and by this he meant anybody speaking European languages. He believed that mentality and view of life is very clear in Song, and songs allow us to know and respect the differences between nations. Even after fifty years, the idea of singing songs to awaken a better understanding between nations is still up to date.

Join us

We sing folk songs from all countries where European languages are spoken. We give background explanations, exercise pronounciation, and try to understand the songs in a socio-cultural and historical context. We learn four or five songs an evening in different languages.Everyone can take part, you just have to like to sing and/or you have to like languages and you have to like people. We work for ourselves, we don't strive to perform, our founder said, "It is not important how one sings, the joy of singing is important!" For our basic work we are always looking for folk literature, help with translations, explanations, and native speakers for prononciations. We welcome all types of suggestions.

Where do we sing

We meet monthly in Essen/Ruhr, Germany. But there are also workshops in 20 other German cities, in Orléans and Paris, France, and in Belgium (see : vzw De Zingende Brug). We also have weekend meetings and full week studios in German Castles.